CAW dataset

The CAW Project tracks conflict and cooperation trends in Central Asia. The Project tracks and analyzes publications to detect conflict and cooperation trends. CAW focuses on two out-of-region online media outlets and five regional news agencies—one state owned news agency for each Central Asian country.

Below is an example of data we provide. News pieces from all of our news sources are analyzed and coded according to our Conflict Cooperation Scale (CCS). The CCS scale allows us to assign a subjective value of conflict (-2 or -1), cooperation (+2 or +1), or neutral (0) to the news products that we analyze. If you want to dig deeper, you can download the data by clicking “Download Data” below the chart. You can also check out our other datasets provided under the "Available Data" section below.

The downloadable spreadsheet that CAW provides contains the following information on each news product we track: 1) publication date, 2) product title, 3) product source, 4) link to the original news product, and 5) Conflict Cooperation Score. 

The Project follows products of one out-of-region news outlets:

  1. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) —a United States government-funded broadcasting organization that broadcasts in 25 languages in 20 countries, including Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, and the Central Asian Republics.

The Project also uses the products of five national news outlets of Central Asia:

  1. Uzbekistan National News Agency, also known as UzA—a government run news agency.
  2. Kyrgyz National News Agency Kabar, or Kabar, is the official news agency of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  3. Khovar—a national information agency of Tajikistan.
  4. KAZINFORM—a national news agency of Kazakhstan.
  5. Turkmenistan Golden Age— an electronic newspaper agency founded by the State News Agency of Turkmenistan. 


CAW data is freely available. Please go to 'List data' tab. You can read the original news stories by going to the original website. To export data as Excel, please select news Agency, Scale, CCS, key word(s), date, check 'To Excel' and click 'Submit.' Note that at this time only 2016-2017 news were coded using CCS. 



CAW data will be freely available in late 2019.